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About Longspey


Whisky Investment Perfected

Driven by our industry expertise and backed by a considered awareness of what investors require, Longspey is uniquely positioned to meet your individual needs in whisky investment.


Mark Littler MA (Hons)


Mark Littler is the director and founder of Mark Littler LTD, the Editor In Chief of The Whisky Wash and regular contributor to as a whisky expert. He has also founded, a free online resource offering advice for potential cask investors.


Mark founded the international antiques and whisky brokerage Mark Littler LTD in 2016 following a 10 year career in the auction industry. For working with individual clients he has built a wealth of industry knowledge and connections and realised there was a gap in the market for resources suitable for family offices and private investors. Mark works with each of our clients directly to build the right solution for your individual needs.


Katy Littler FPFS Chartered Financial Planner


Katy is a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. After 15 happy years in the financial planning industry Katy has joined forces with Mark to launch Longspey with the aim of providing institutional investors, Family Offices and experienced self-investors with everything they need to make well-considered investments in the unregulated whisky market.


Katy is well versed in the standards expected by high-net-worth individuals and their advisers and understands the need for straightforward communication, frequent updates, scrupulous attention to detail and the absolute minimum of administration and paperwork.


Longspey By Mark Littler LTD

Created to meet the growing requirements of our clients, Longspey is the result of whisky investment expert Mark Littler joining forces with chartered financial planner Katy Littler to deliver a trusted avenue for long term whisky investment.


Longspey delivers bespoke advice at all levels, whether you are after a unicorn bottle for your collection or require services to build and maintain a long term whisky investment portfolio.


We work with both bottles and casks, and both new-make and vintage whisky to create balanced portfolios that deliver a legacy of returns over the long term.


William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury

Longspey is named for the 3rd Earl of Salisbury, William Longespée; a figure noted for his strategic expertise and ability to capitalise on opportunities with precision.


Longespée’s most famous victory was at the Battle of Damme in 1213, where he demonstrated exceptional tactical intelligence. Rather than relying solely on brute force, Longespée utilised strategic positioning and timing to secure a decisive victory.


Our ethos for whisky investment services is grounded in these approaches. By being methodical and patient we ensure sustainable growth and create robust long term portfolios to meet your individual needs. 


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