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How We Can Help

We do not approach the responsibility of managing others’ investments lightly. Our view is that whisky can be a rewarding and exciting investment, but that it is only suitable as part of a well-balanced portfolio of more traditional, established investments.



If you or a client are interested in investing in cask whisky then there are a number of ways in which we can help.

For instance, we can source a single cask from a specific year or vintage, perhaps one that coincides with a significant event like the birth of a grandchild. Alternatively, we can establish a full maturation program, operating in a conveyor belt fashion, where mature casks are sold and replaced with younger ones over the course of decades.

For those seeking something in between, we can agree on the parameters of a cask portfolio and then put this in place with outright ownership and regular reviews and recommendations  if changes are deemed necessary.

No matter what you are looking for we will take care of all aspects of the process to make sure that the investment is carried out in a safe, robust way.


We can source individual fine and rare bottles, assemble a vertical collection, or build and manage a well-rounded portfolio of bottles.

The logistics of buying bottles is much more straightforward than casks, but that goes hand in hand with the fact that the market moves much more quickly and can be fickle.

To help navigate this we have access to a database that can provide us with the most recent sales price of a particular bottle, along with fluctuations in its value over time.

This data can be packaged into a client facing factsheet, either for an individual bottle or for their entire portfolio – please see here for an example of what can be provided at relatively short notice.

If needed then the bottles can be stored in our own climate controlled, fully insured facility on your behalf.

Cask to Glass

Family occasions, important milestones and business deals often call for something special.

Much like commissioning an architect, we handle every aspect of the process, no matter how intricate, to realize your vision.

Starting with sourcing an exceptional cask of whisky, we collaborate with award-winning designers who have worked with renowned brands like Macallan and Johnny Walker to create the perfect label for your bottles. We then partner with you on every remaining detail, ensuring that the bottle, capsule, and outer packaging meet your expectations, whether that’s a practical yet well-designed cardboard box or bespoke wooden cabinets.

We also manage any import or export processes, allowing you to enjoy the exciting aspects of the process while we handle the logistics and administration.

Legal & Due Diligence

All too often we work with solicitors to assist when someone discovers that a whisky investment they made elsewhere is not as it initially appeared.

In a similar vein, we are available to serve as an expert witness in legal matters and court proceedings relating to the whisky industry.

To prevent such situations, we are pleased to offer a due diligence service. Here we review proposals from other companies that have been made to you or your clients and provide honest, impartial advice.

We can also conduct reviews of clients’ existing whisky investments, offering a ‘health check’ and highlighting any concerns.


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