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Professional Advice For Professional Investors

We are here to provide support and guidance to institutional investors, Family Offices and seasoned individual investors. We aim to help them navigate the complexities of this unregulated market, ensuring that their money is invested in the best possible way to achieve their objectives over the longer term.



Perhaps you are interested in setting up a stand-alone whisky fund, or maybe you are considering whether to introduce a small holding in whisky to an established, multi-asset fund.

Either way, we can provide advice on the current state of the market and offer recommendations on potential acquisitions.

At this point if you want to proceed then we can handle all of the practicalities. For investment in casks this will involve setting up an account for your company at a storage facility, arranging for the uplift and movement of your casks to their new home, guaranteeing that the correct licences and insurances are in place and ensuring that you are in full compliance with HMRC directives at all times.

For any investments in bottles, we offer our own storage service in a climate-controlled, fully insured facility.

On an ongoing basis we can then provide regular reviews, recommendations and asset valuations as required.

We currently work with numerous institutional investors in various capacities depending on their needs, so do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can best support your business in achieving its aims.

Family Offices

We are seeing that even the most hardened investor is having their head turned by a bombardment of advertising by whisky investment companies.

The majority of the claims made in these adverts are at best naive and at worst deliberately misleading. There is also plenty of hidden complexity when it comes to investing in whisky, for example around ownership structures, that these companies are keen to downplay.

Nevertheless, nobody wants to miss out on the next big thing, and your client may be keen to get involved and see what all the fuss is about.

If this is the case, why not suggest that you work alongside Mark Littler, a leading expert and regular feature in the media, to ensure that they invest in a safe and responsible way, with clear ownership structures and well-established exit strategies.
We recognise that each family is unique and so avoid a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

Instead, we are happy to discuss how best to support you as the lead adviser to ensure that your client is delighted with their foray into the world of whisky investment.


We also work directly with individuals who manage their own portfolios and are looking to compliment them with a well-advised investment in whisky, whether that be casks or fine and rare bottles.

Perhaps the idea of whisky appeals to you not only as an investment but as something a little different and engaging for others. For example, we have sourced casks for clients grandchildren, ensuring that each cask was filled the year that grandchild was born.

We have also assisted clients in finding something exceptional ahead of a special occasion before arranging for it to be bottled with the client’s own personalised label.

Our services are tailored towards the individual, and we are happy to work in partnership with any other advisers you may have to ensure that any whisky you might purchase will compliment your longer-term objectives.


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