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Serious Whisky Investments For The Informed

Littler specialises in the valuation, sale and acquisition of rare whisky bottles and casks – Whisky Magazine


A whisky broker who has been “banging the drum” about fraudulent activity in the whisky investment sector for years – The Telegraph

Invest in whisky with confidence by choosing Mark Littler, the trusted authority recognised for protecting investors in this complex market.

As interest in whisky investment has grown there has been an explosion of start-up companies promising high returns for minimal risk and the ability to sell at any time. Of course, no such investment exists in the real world, and whisky is no exception. It is a surprisingly complex, unregulated, and opaque market.

Nevertheless, with proper execution, whisky can be an interesting and rewarding investment.

Mark Littler, a leading expert in the field and a contributor to Forbes, is a regular feature in the media warning about the dangers of investing without proper due diligence.  In recent months he has appeared on Radio Four and featured in The Times, The Telegraph, and Which? Magazine, among others.

He is at the forefront of protecting customers and was recently commended by Fergus Ewing in the Scottish Parliament for his efforts.

Littler Mark Contributor

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